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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How To Draw Aquaman & Black Manta - 1998

Get out your pencils!

This is a fun two-page spread from the 1998 book How to Draw DC Comics Superheroes by Walter Foster.

sgI had never heard of this book before, until my pal and F.O.A.M. member Charles Howell sent me the scan.

He's posting other spreads from the book today on his blog,
Eclectorama, so he thought I could post the Aquaman one here and we could have a blog team-up! Cool!

So click on the image to see a bigger version, and head on over to Charles' blog to check out the rest of the book!


Doug said...

I saw this book years ago and snapped it up!

A fun book. Even includes Jack Knight, which was pretty surprising for a book with a "younger" target audience.

Diabolu Frank said...

Walter Foster may have written it, but that's John Delaney doing the actual drawing. He joined Steve Vance on the sadly short-lived "Adventures in the DCU" book from a decade back. It was an animated-style anthology for all the heroes not in the World's Finest. I dug it because they used Martian Manhunter a lot, but Aquaman got in there too. Fer instance...