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Monday, March 10, 2008

Aquaman Paper Doll - 2008

This tres cool piece was pointed out to me on eBay from my pal and F.O.A.M. member Damian Maffei, who instructed me to "get out my wallet."

He was right, this piece is so funky and cool and unusual, and I couldn't believe that I ended up getting it for a measly five bucks. Someone had to really love Aquaman to spend the amount of time it took to craft something like this, because they are obviously weren't trying to make a lot of money.

I had no frame of reference to its size from the photo,
so I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that the piece is about a foot and a half high, and made of very thick paper, so the doll is surprisingly sturdy. I love it.

sgThe only downside to the piece at all is that, face-wise, its vaguely reminiscient of the creepy "Otto the Autopilot" from Airplane!

Just a reminder to all you AquaFans: The next issue of TwoMorrows' excellent magazine Back Issue! ships on March 12 (and the online PDF version is available
here right now).

It features this beaut of a cover by Nick Cardy, plus an eleven-page article
(by Aquaman Chronicles editor John Schwirian) on the King of the Seven Seas that is decorated with sketches from the Shrine's very own collection!

Not only that, but editor Michael Eury also generously included my faux
Aquaman treasury comic cover, and a plug for the site(what a pal!). I implore every Aquaman fan to pick up a copy of the issue, either from your local shop or ordering directly from TwoMorrows.


Anonymous said...

That paper doll reminds me of the ones that Alex Ross made as a kid that were on display in his "Mythology" hardcover art book. Very cool.

I'll be camped out at my mailbox for that BackIssue! Hopefully it will arrive this week! Congrats on the plug!


Anonymous said...

And there's an interview with some guy about Arion, Lord of Atlantis in the same issue that I hear is pretty good...!


Adama said...

Back Issue Magazine: Purchased!

Congrates on the plug, and hey, maybe I'll get some new readers by proxy! ;)

rob! said...

i guess i should clarify--BI plugs treasury comics.com, not the Shrine, although that woulda been way cool, too.

but there's links to everything over there, too, so...

chunky B said...

That paper craft Aqua Man is pretty sweet, it reminds me of a Jar Jar I did for Star Wars Kids back in the day!

Though I'm not saying Aquaman and Jar JAr are in the same class by no means!