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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super-Stickers - 1978

sgEverybody loves stickers!

This is a sticker set featuring the stars of the DCU(Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, and the Joker are on the flip side), using mostly classic stock poses with art by Curt Swan, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Carmine Infantino, Mike Sekowsky, Murphy Anderson, and more.

Obviously, they didn't think that was enough, so the makers of the set (Our Way Studios of New York, NY) added some cute catchphrases to some of them.

Superman says "This is a job for Superman!" (makes total sense), Wonder Woman says "Great Hera!" (fine), Batman says "To the Bat-Cave!" (ok), Flash says "Gotta Run!" (er, well...), and of course Aquaman has his famous catch-phrase
...if I was ever going to get an Aquaman tattoo, this would be it.


Damian said...

You know I love that one.

You know I got that image blown up and put on the sides of my car soze that I could ride in styyyyle!

Anonymous said...

I *believe* that pose is from the Aquaman guest-starring issue of WONDER WOMAN during her trials to rejoin the JLA. And, yes, I used to have these stickers. :-)

Anonymous said...

I bet Arthur likes to crank up some Billy Squier in the Aqua-Cave.


Plaidstallions said...

Quick correction, It's "Our Way" not "One Way".

Anonymous said...

"Keep strokin'!"

You'll lose your fisheye vision, Art!