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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Super Dictionary, Part 8 - 1978

We're way overdue to check in with the 1978 DC Comics Super Dictionary, and see what words Aquaman is helping us define this time.

"Row" is pretty basic; I like how it looks as though that woman is about to whap Arthur(drawn by Jim Aparo, I think) right in the face. As for the "Sail" triumverate, whoever drew this one was really working overtime--that's a Ramona Fradon Aquaman there, looking pensive, while the rest of the piece has been drawn in around him.

"I have not met many good sailors."--?


Anonymous said...

"I have not met many good sailors."--?

Well, you gotta figure MOST of the sailors Aquaman comes across are already about seven fathoms below the surface after they've already drowned.

So, from Aquaman's point of view, they can't be good sailors.

Doug Slack said...

Aquaman likes mussels AND oysters...