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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Justice League: The New Frontier DVD Ad

This stirring ad for the Justice League: The New Frontier DVD appears on the inside back cover of the promo book the San Diego Comic Con sent out this year--I've never seen it before, but whoo boy is it sweet.

I'm heading over to a friend's house the night it comes out--F.O.A.M. member George Rears is having a viewing party--and I'm eager to see how well Cooke's brilliant vision has been translated into animated form.

Aquaman had a very brief yet memorable appearance in the series, so I all hope is that scene is retained for the movie. Flippers crossed.

sgThere's some other exciting New Frontier-related news today on my
JLA Satellite blog (including my first ever contest!) so please go check it out!


chunky B said...

Ooooh I can't wait til' this DVD comes out!

Anonymous said...

It DOES look sweet. I wasn't going to get it until I heard people's reviews of it, but now I'm actually getting kind of excited about it...

Anonymous said...

There's a 2 minute preview of "New Frontier"...on the first disc of the "Torchwood" box set, of all things.

Looks sooooooo coooooooollllll....(Homer Simpsonesque drooling)