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Thursday, February 21, 2008

DC Comics Ruler

sgThis super-keen 8" ruler is courtesy newest F.O.A.M. member Andy Luckett, who sent along some other cool Aqua-related items(one of which is a genuine JLA short story, written by him, which I'll put up here sometime as well).

Aquaman didn't always get included on stuff like this(I'm a little surprised he's there instead of, say, Green Lantern), and I love the old-school tagline. It's a way cool piece.

Thanks Andy, and welcome to F.O.A.M!


Anonymous said...

This fine piece of artwork (by Dick Giordano, I believe) was used on the DC letterhead during the 80s. I got a letter from Bob Rozakis (IIRC) and this was printed on the back so you could see it through the paper. The DC bullet was printed on the front. It was a very cool look, and I kept that letter because I really liked it. I never knew this pic was used for anything else! As for Aquaman, this was at the end of the Super Friends and SHAZAM TV show era, so I figured DC was using their most recognizable characters (at that time).

Anonymous said...

Looking at it here, Garcia Lopez looks like he may have had a hand in it. The body posturing on Superman in particular looks like his. Although I never noticed it on the letterhead.

I have a rejection letter from DC in the mid 90s and they had just updated this artwork to change Dick Grayson into Tim Drake in his then-current costume.

I can't remember if they had changed Arthur or not...

I would have stacked Arthur on Captain Marvel. Isn't his body supposed to be super-dense? Flash and Batman just got their collar bones crushed. :-)


rob! said...

i remember seeing the version of this on a few DC rejection letters (*sniff*), but Aquaman was never part of the line-up, that's what makes this ruler so special to me.

btw, i hated the DC heroes being on the rejection letters. felt like THEY were rejecting me. (*sob*)

Damian said...

There's just enough room to stick Ray on top of WW there! Do it!

If only the Atom had made it on something as clutch as this. There's of course the ruler and other assorted school supplies that Carter made it on, as he tended to do every now and then, but one of these with Mr. Palmer on it...

now that would rule.

It turns out YOU are lucky my friends aren't on there or I'D be the one sneaking into the Kelly household.
I'd bring my furry children to handle your furry children.

oooooooh how lucky!