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Monday, February 18, 2008

Aquaman Model Sheet by Alex Toth

This nifty model sheet is of course by The Master, Alex Toth, from his book of animated character designs, By Design!

I can't be exactly sure, but the Toth/H-B version of the Sea King might well have been the first time I ever saw the character--I can't remember not watching The Super Friends, so Toth's simple, heroic take on the character most likely set the template for Aquaman in my mind for life, just as it probably did for an entire generation.


Damian said...

That's an excellent item to have. I love that page of Arthur's there. He looks as he should!

Jeremy Mace said...

I love Alex's work and his Aquaman is one of the best...

These model sheets are so cool - I wish the cartoon could have been closer to these. I am in total agreement - these images defined Aquaman for me!

Nice blog BTW!

Rick L. Phillips said...

I agree that this did set how Aquaman was seen by a generation of kids, but the writers for that same generation also made it seem like he couldn't do anything unless they had to have someone talk to the fish. Usually that was the only thing they had him do on the show.

Anonymous said...

These look to be preliminary designs, not quite what made it to air. The lack of his calf fins is a good indicator of this.

Toth did a great Aquaman. It was kind of synthesis of Fradon's, Cary's and Aparo's, but still somehow all Toth. Homogenized Arhtur!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, clean design, with the only negative being those black eyebrows.