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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Batman Daily Newspaper Strip II, Post Script, Part 2 - 1968

sgThe last of our Batman newspaper strip-related posts is another color Sunday, courtesy F.O.A.M. Colin Smith.

This Sunday, though, is from the first set of Aquaman guest-appearances that was a much shorter sequence than the one we just wrapped up last weekend. This first storyline also guest-starred Superman, who of course hogged most of the action for himself, the big bully.

This Sunday features the Dynamic Duo plus their two guest-stars, making for quite a colorful strip.
Click here to see it, and thanks Colin!


Fleerfan said...


Great find! Its great to see this in color.

Jon H.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay in response - been out of town for a while.

Glad you like it, Jon.

I think that this is the one that I had in two pieces.
Rob has cleverly joined them up, so we get the full effect.

All the best,