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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The World's Greatest Superheroes Article - 1978

This just in!

I was going to run something else today, when last night I got an email from F.O.A.M. member Jon Helfenstein.

It seems Jon was not aware of the existence of the World's Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip before seeing yesterday's post, and it took him all of a few minutes apparently to find and send me a super-cool piece of AquaObscura--a front-page article from the March 29, 1978 edition of The Chronicle Telegram newspaper(from Elryia, Ohio) announcing the debut of the strip, complete the with the above picture of DC's finest, as rendered by strip artist George Tuska!

here to read the article. Sure, it's not so much an "article" as an advertisement posing as one, but nevertheless it's cool to see so many DC heroes(including the King of the Seven Seas) get a mention in a newspaper!

I don't know how Jon manages to find all this cool stuff(he's the one who provided us with the complete Batman dailies running on the weekends), but I'm glad he does! Thanks--again--Jon!

(By the way, I'm running a comic book ad for the WGSH strip today over at my DC ad blog,
Coming Super-Attractions!)


Anonymous said...


This is all proof, again, that Mego Corp. did not solely own the formulation "World's Greatest Superheroes."

Nor did they create it - it was used, with several variants, in DC's promos in the early '60's.

(Hmmm... wonder if the guy who runs that cool House Ads site has any examples of this laying around...)

-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the "Should Cleveland oust Kucinich" ballot that you could clip out and send to the paper? Glad to see we can run polls a little more quickly these days with a little thing called the internet.

Interesting little bit of history regarding a Presidential hopeful!

Thanks for posting the page. Not bad seeing Aquaman on the front page of a newspaper!

- Jon H.

rob! said...

i was going to run just the relevant article, but i thought the Kucinich thing was so interesting i decided why not show it all.