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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The World's Greatest Superheroes Ad - 1978

sgThis awesomely fantabulous ad comes from newest F.O.A.M. member Colin Smith, promoting the World's Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip!

I had never seen this ad before, and even though I was never that big a fan of artist George Tuska's superhero work, this poster is so well composed and dynamic that I find it irresistible.

I love that it includes characters you didn't see much on merchandising, like The Atom(hey Damian!), Elongated Man, Black Canary, and Black Lightning, and gives little bullet-point descriptions of each of them(sorry I don't have a larger, more readable version). And of course no ad featuring the stars of the DCU would be complete without the King of the Seven Seas!

Colin sent this and some other really fun stuff, so he's earned his certificate big-time! Thanks Colin!


Damian said...

That is pretty cool. My eyes are immediately drawn to anything red. Lots of reds on there.

I had to get into "Search for Ray Palmer" mode to find The Atom. Hanging out on Hal, eh.

This would make a nice addition to my "Search for Ray Palmer: Children's Activity Book!"

Anonymous said...

Glad you like this, Rob.
I will keep trying to find a bigger version.

PS As I mentioned before - I absolutely LOVE that your posting that Batman strip. My only sadness is that it will eventually come to an end. I desperately want to read as much of that 60s strip, the above World's Greatest Superheroes strip and the 1989 Batman strip as possible!
Here's hoping DC release them sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember having to fight DC to get paid for Black Lightning's appearance in the strip. At the time, I was very close to selling a Black Lightning strip to another syndicate. That's when I learned DC and I had different ideas of what "partnership" meant...and that I'd pretty much have to fight them for any payments due me. I'd love to have a collection of the strip, but I'm not sure how warm and fuzzy I'd feel about reading it again.