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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Favorite Martian

I've been ruminating over this whole rumored mishegoss about DC's supposed to plan to kill off Martian Manhunter and/or Aquaman for a little while now. I haven't seen fit to mention it yet, but then my pal Damian pointed out to me that my lack of comment has been mentioned by Michael Netzer, swell comic book artist and Manhunter fan, here on his page devoted to a campaign to save J'onn.

Michael surmises that maybe I have "
been suspiciously silent about the rumor, perhaps knowing that Aquaman is not likely to be done away with anytime soon."
Actually, just the opposite. I'm sort of assuming that Aquaman has a good chance of being on the chopping block, but since the Aquaman I know, love, and obsess over has already been "killed off" in the pages of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, I'm assuming that if "Aquaman" is killed off, it'd be the new version, the Arthur Joseph one.

While it'd be a shame to kill the character off so soon after his debut, I think I'd find a way to go on living if it happened.

Take that with the classic Aquaman being a part of the upcoming toy tie-in book Super Friends, and the rumors going around that Geoff Johns just might be working on a new Aquaman book, I'm sort of assuming that killing AJ off sets the stage to bring the classic one back, with a new mega-popular writer with a jones(sorry) for the original version, to boot. So I don't necessarily think this is bad news for AquaFans.

Add all that to the fact that I think that internet petitions generally don't carry much weight with publishers, movie studios, etc., I just couldn't find a way to get all worked up.

But! I am a fan of lost causes(that's why I have an Obama '08 bumper sticker on my car), and I think killing off such a venerable character like Martian Mahunter is dumb. It doesn't get you much other than a limited-to-one-month sales spike, and you just keep some other hot writer who loves the character the chance to do something really cool with him.

Also, With Manhunter's enduring participation in Justice League Unlimited, more people outside of comics know about him than ever before. Can a Manhunter Super Friends figure be far behind? Why choose this moment to off him?

So, Mike, count me in--us Aquaman and Manhunter fans have to stick together. Let's Save our the Manhunter From Mars!


Damian said...

I assumed that was the reason for you not mentioning or getting worked up about the potential offing of Aquaman.
I had the same thoughts, that ridding themselves of that... new guy, would make room the real deal.

Diabolu Frank said...

Same here. I doubt Geoff Johns is hot to write A.J., y'know? But Busiek created him, and he's got the weekly coming up, so why rock the boat until something definate happens? We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, you're getting a sketch too. Lucky dogs! Eh, I got a rockin' banner though, so no complaints... well, not many. I need to start another blog so I can get a sketch. ;)

rob! said...

>>you're getting a sketch too.<<

i am? where does it say that?!? that sounds cool!

Damian said...

"Next up should be an Aquaman/Martian Manhunter drawing."

It's the first line in that screen shot you took. I imagine it would be one similar to the beauty he made for me, which can be viewed there, or when I post it tonight.

I wish I could hold it in my widdle hands...

rob! said...

oh, ok. i didnt take that as a definite or anything, but i sure would love it!

Damian said...

Well, he threw the same type hint out at me, and I said "gimme," and there she was...

Diabolu Frank said...

Just to be clear, there is no physical drawing. Netzer does it all digitally these days, so the version Damian got is as real a copy as any...

Michael Netzer said...

Thanks, Rob for this post. Though what you say has been said strongly in many of the petition comments, becoming acquainted with this unofficial ring of original character aficionados has driven me to expand on this idea in an upcoming campaign post that I hope to finish tonight.

Frank's right, there are no originals to these sketches. BUT I have a print quality (higher rez than the large image on the site) which I usually only give to whom I do the sketches for. I've just sent the Atom HR to Damian (who might also have another surprise coming.

No need to set up another blog, Frank... a sketch is coming, soon as we get past some of the pressing obligations.

rob! said...


glad i could help out.

re: the sketch--hey, i'll take anything you choose to do! it's very generous of your time to do them at all, so if you have the time to do an Aquaman/Manhunter rest assured it will go up here immediately!

btw, next week i'll be doing an unofficial Manhunter Week, featuring only stuff that has Aquaman and Manhunter both!