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Friday, January 25, 2008

Dan Didio on Aquaman - 1/25/07

AquaFan Jeff Baab alerted me to this piece with Dan Didio on Newsarama.com about the various fates of stars of the DCU. Here's the bit on Aquaman:

Last Seen: On a regular basis, with the cancellation of Sword of Aquaman late last year with #57. He was considered for membership in the Outsiders, but Batman shut him down. His story went in...interesting directions after Infinite Crisis, but we think he’s back to being Arthur Curry (and knowing who he is) with two (real) hands these days...

DiDio says
: "Right now we’re giving Aquaman a little bit of a rest, but we expect to see him appearing in one of the team books in 2008. We’re seeing the version of Aquaman that appeared in Sword of Aquaman – the Arthur Curry Aquaman."

...I am now more confused about Aquaman then when I started.

First off, the book is/was Sword of Atlantis, not Sword of Aquaman. Secondly, Newsarama suggests that the new Aquaman now "knows" who he is, which makes it sound like he is actually the original Aquaman, which is not the case.

Finally, Didio's reference to "the Arthur Curry Aquaman" could mean either one, so now I have a headache.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Sounds to me like they know some fans of the old Aquaman are upset and don't want to do the same to fans of the new one. So they are trying to play the middle. You can't in a case like this. Make up your minds and tell us which one he is!

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps Dan Didio is, indeed, an idiot and doesn't know who Aquaman really is! This is the same guy who allowed Garth's son to suddenly become a daughter, remember.

Anonymous said...

After speaking to several writers at DC, including a conversation with DC VP Paul Levitz, it seems that the situation with Aquaman is actually a legal problem. Paul Norris won a law suit granting him payment for every appearance of Aquaman - but only in the classic design. Variations on the costume and concept led to a new lawsuit, where Norris claimed DC owed him for use of the character as the previous judgement did not specify concept or costume "tweaks." DC decided to dodge the entire issue by killing the Norris Aquaman entirely and launching the Sword of Atlantis version. The status of classic Arthur is still in limbo, despite the death of Norris, as legal issues like this take years to resolve. DC would prefer the classic character (less confusion) and believes that Aquaman is a money maker for the company (at least in merchandising), however, they prefer to avoid the legal entanglements by limiting appearances by Aquaman as much as possible.

John the AquamanChronicler!!

rob! said...

that makes me sad.

any chance theyve worked this out recently? because classic Aquaman will be in the tie-in Super Friends book, and he's appearing in the Titans Year One mini series.