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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JLA WB Store Plate - 2000

sgThis was originally a WB Store Collector's Plate, illustrated of course by Alex Ross. It's just beautiful.

That being said, I never bought the thing because it was pretty pricey at the time, and I find storing plates nearly impossible. It was later reprinted in an Alex Ross DC superhero postcard book, and that's where I got this image from.

Yeah, technically Superman should be at the top, but of course I wanted Aquaman front and center!

sgToday's The Day! Yes, according to the
1976 DC Comics Calendar, today is Aquaman's birthday!

I hope Arthur, currently scattered amongst the world's oceans, is kicking back, taking a break, to prepare himself for a(fingers crossed) big return in 2008.

Happy Birthday Aquaman!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, is this weird. This plate sits atop my entertainment center, and last night I just happened to look at it and think "I wonder if Rob will feature this plate this week, since it has J'onn on it".

Que Twilight Zone music...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Arthur!!! I've got an Aquaman t-shirt and cap on today to help celebrate. :-)

Siskoid said...

Wow, the water must've been freezing!

Pony up Rob! What are some other dates we should celebrate on that calendar? Or in the alternative, is there a pic of the entire thing somewhere on the net?

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm trying to track down the 1986 calender (if I recall correctly) featuring John Stewart, J'Onn J'Onzz, and others by Luke McDonnell. Plus Ambush Bug & Cheeks by Giff. Be sure to hold onto your '76, because those things are tough to come by.

I owned that plate for a week or two, came to my senses, and sold it off. Nice plate, but I'm just not plate people. I like that J'Onn and Arthur were paired together like Hal and Barry. Shame the Trinity was locked up, as I could see Batman on Manhunter's other side, with Aquaman beside Wonder Woman or Superman. Or maybe I just think too much...

Anonymous said...

Haha, nice plate, but I never have cared for the way Ross paints classic Aquaman. I like the more sensible way he paints him in Justice and JLA.

Happy birthday Arthur! I'll have to play a match with him in FF to celebrate.

Damian said...

It is pretty nice art, but I'm with Benton on classic Ross Aquaman. It leads into my biggest problem with Ross.

Ross Arthur looks like a meat head. Someone I'd run into in one of these Long Island clubs. He should just spike his hair a little bit and give him a barbwire tattoo.

Anonymous said...

And yet Ross' Aquaman is based on that paranormal "Sensetive" guy from that ghost-hunting show.

So he may look like a "meathead" but apparently he's not based on one. Weird.


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday ack-wa man. this would have come a lot sooner had you just invited me to your medieval times party. but, i guess no matter how much you think about a guy...once a villian always a villain.

almost 30 old man!

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to put a picture of this plate in your January 2008 entry regarding the WB Store 2000 Alex R. Plate


The 1986 plate image appears there at the moment. FYI.

rob! said...

oops, i had the right pic in there originally, but i had to swap some image names and obviously this got changed.

thanks for the catch, christine!