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Monday, January 28, 2008

JLA Gallery Pin-Up by Jay Stephens - 1997

In honor of Michael Netzer's efforts to save the Martian Manhunter, this week on the Shrine I'll be posting all the stuff I can find that features both the Sea King and the Manhunter From Mars. It won't be easy--J'onn didn't make it onto too much merchandise pre-JLU--but I'll do my best, by H'ronmeer!

This awesome piece by Jay Stephens is from the 1997 JLA Gallery pin-up book. Its so good it would stand out in any collection, but it really does so here because this book was published in 1997, when not only was Aquaman in his pirate look, but Superman was going through his blue-and-white uniform "ice skater" phase--so that didn't leave room for many timeless, iconic JLA pin-ups.

I love how Arthur and Barry look tired, Ollie is playing, Supes and Bats are handling official business, and Hal and Ray are reveling in the victory.

Martian Manhunter, of course, retains his composure.

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Diabolu Frank said...

You forgot poor Ray... which has been known to happen, so no sweat. You just need Damian to get in there with the Perez Hilton arrow.

Speaking of, you also managed to face us both, as there's Atom sittin' right next to J'Onn. Maybe there's a whole history of these types of minor associative appearances neither of us were aware of when we started yammering on about the lack of Manhunter/Atom affection.

Damian said...

I love that pin-up! I always thought it was funny having J'Onn sitting in betwixt a celebrating Ray and Hal.

I did have a similar thought of hosting an all MM week, but Ray and the Manhunter appeared on about as much merchandise together as they exchanged dialogue.

Again, fantastic pin-up, and I'm looking forward to an Aqua-Martian week.

Damian said...


I didn't know when I was going to post this pin-up Frank, but I had already planned out where to put the arrows.

I'll have a look see if I can't find stuff with the green man on them.

rob! said...

whatdya mean i forgot poor Ray? i mentioned that he and Ray are reveling in the victory!

i would never forget Ray, esp since Damian would stop talking to me!

Diabolu Frank said...

Um... er... told'ja we needed the arrows... in the text even...