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Monday, December 17, 2007

AquaSketch by Ed Hannigan - 2007

"With great blogging comes great responsibility."

Not too long ago I got a surprising email--it was from long-time comics artist Ed Hannigan, who as you all know drew about fifty thousand covers for DC as well as lots of other stuff.

Ed told me that the original back cover art he did for
Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #38 Superman vs. The Supernatural had gotten damaged and some pieces of the paste-up had dried up and fallen off. Since he didn't have a copy of the book, he wasn't exactly sure where the piece featuring his signature should go, and he hadn't been able to find a pic of the back cover anywhere. Perhaps I could...?

I said of course and quickly sent it to him. And, not wanting to miss an opportunity, asked him if he'd be willing to do an Aquaman sketch for me. I had seen so much of his work as a teenager and liked it, and told him had I ever seen him at a con I would've asked him for a sketch, so here was my chance!

He said sure and then refused to take any money for it, saying he was grateful for me helping him out! Even though I eventually insisted on sending him some dough(as a fellow artist, it doesn't feel right to not pay for any artist's time), that was an enormously generous gesture, especially since all I did was scan something and email it; hardly back-breaking labor.

He then sent me this awesome piece of the Sea King and his finny friends. I love the heavy darks and lights and how commanding Aquaman looks. Ed went above and beyond the call; thanks a million Ed!

So not only do I have another great sketch for my sketchbook, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that one of my blogs helped Ed get in contact with me and I got to talk to someone whose work I really like in return. The Rob Kelly Family of Blogs--bringing people together since 2006!


Damian said...

How friggin great is it that the people who created these beauties are coming to you for help?

You've got yourself a total business Aquaman there. I thoroughly enjoy his friends, particularly the dolphins and sea horse just below him. And the inclusion of rays and tentacles rising from the deep is superb.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is an unbelievably great sketch Rob. That's just plain beautiful!

James Langdell said...

Nice picture! I recall when Ed was put on the job of doing scads of covers for DC feeling torn, because he was a fine panel-to-panel, page-to-page storyteller with his artwork as well. I'm now trying to remember the stories he drew that impressed me that way.