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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Bride of Hembeck - 1980

sgI was inspired by a comment F.O.A.Mer Damian made yesterday on his Tiny Titan blog, about he's partially making it his mission to get the "behind-the-scenes" heroes of the DCU some more attention.

That made me think of this soliloquy by Tommy Tomorrow, from Fred Hembeck's awesome Bride of Hembeck comic he put out in 1980.

Not only does it stand as a nice tribute to all the non-headliner DC heroes, but it's a nice specific shout-out to Aquaman! Thanks Tommy, and thanks Fred!


Diabolu Frank said...

Soon to appear in color! Eventually! When I'm tapped and need to fill a few days with ballast!

Luke said...

That's awesome! "Goateed Loudmouth!" Hembeck has finally articulated what I have always felt about Green Arrow!