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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Super Dictionary, Part 6 - 1978

sgMore fun from the DC Comics Super Dictionary!

Ok, I guess I shouldn't quibble here, but...in the picture for lake, is that really the focus of this image? (Also, dig Aquaman's funky stance!)

And we have some curious coloring for the live entry...not only did the colorist for this book seem to have a consistent problem with Aqualad, but here they went all Aqua-Crazy and gave the whole family(in a shot drawn by Nick Cardy) the same color scheme!

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Anonymous said...

The "lake" Aquaman looks like that Mike Grell art (same as the monster, unless it's Jim Aparo). And I think I *like* Mera wearing Aquaman's colors. I know Dolphin did it years later, but this might have worked....kind of a Hawkman/Hawkwoman type thing? Haha!

Anonymous said...


Looks kinda like a '50's Ditko or Kirby monster!

(Shameless plug taken; I may have something for Treasury...)

-Craig W.

Doug said...

I think the monster defines Aquaman's stance!


In sadder, yet still-Aquaman-related news, Paul Norris passed away. http://blog.newsarama.com/2007/11/06/aquaman-co-creator-paul-norris-passes-away/

rob! said...

yep, i read that too. i'll be running a tribute tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very sad about Paul Norris. But a good, long life he lived. And he left quite a legacy.

As for Aquaman's stance, he looks like he is saying "Hot damn! Look at the size of that thing!"

Siskoid said...

Currently me favorite Aquaman images of all time.

K.B. said...

I loved this dictionary. Awesome illos and Kubert cover.