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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Memoriam: Paul Norris 1914-2007

sgAs Mark Evanier reported yesterday, Aquaman co-creator Paul Norris has died at the age of ninety-three. I can't hope to do as good a job as Mark did eulogizing him, so I recommend you all go over to Mark's site and read his touching comments.

Obviously, without the work of Mr.Norris, I would not have had the childhood hero that meant so much to me and occupies so much of my time as an adult. You never do know what will mean things to people, and I doubt that when Mort Weisinger and Paul first created the character they ever would've dreamed he'd still be around, over sixty years later. Thankfully, Paul was around to receive a lot of the praise from later generations that was his due.

In fact, in a classy(but overdue) touch, starting in 2003 Paul got a "Aquaman created by" credit in the regular Aquaman series(according to Mark, some legal complications have kept Weisinger's name off), and he was the subject of a long interview in a recent issue of Alter Ego, where he discussed his work on the character and his long career.

I had always hoped to meet or at least communicate with Mr.Norris, to tell him how much Aquaman has meant to me over the years, and to personally thank him. Knowing now that I'll never get that chance makes me sad, but I feel like the Shrine is a daily "thank you" to him and what he created, so many years ago.

Rest in peace, Mr.Norris.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Maybe in the past year someone showed him your site. If it made it into Entertainment Weekly he probably did hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Nice column today, Rob.

Plaidstallions said...

A very nice tribute Rob. I really love that first appearance splash page.

I wonder what complications keep Weisinger's name off a creation like that?

Anonymous said...

Odd about Wesinger if that's true. Seeing as he was a DC company man until his retirement in 1970.

I could be wrong,but didn't Paul Norris draw Aquaman in that big gatefold "jam" piece in the History of the DC Universe hardcover? Bob Kane drew (or had someone draw) Batman and Robin, and the other characters were either drawn by their creators or an artist long associated with them (Curt Swan drew Superman). I'm thinking Norris drew Aquaman there. If so, that was probably the last official Aquaman piece he did.

Sounds like he had a fufilling career and long life. And of course he gave the world lots of entertainment, and Aquaman will continue to entertain, so a life to celebrate, for sure.


chunky B said...

Very touching tribute Rob. It's always sad when a creator of the heroes that helped to mold us passes.

I'm betting that Mr. Norris knew of the Shrine and saw what he had created has meant to you and others.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Rob.

Thank you for all the fun, Mr. Norris; and the same to all Classic Character Creators - wherever you may be.

I've been blessed to express that in person to Kane (well, even with all the baloney, he WAS at least Present at the Creation), Joe Simon, and Mart Nodell.

Resquiat en pacem, Paul.

Till the day that Bill Finger gets such a credit as his,
-Craig Wichman

Doug said...

Well done, Rob. A fine tribute to a great talent.