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Thursday, November 08, 2007

History of the DC Universe Poster - 1987

sgI had always wanted to run this item, so with the passing of Paul Norris now seemed like the perfect moment.

This was a huge jam drawing DC commissioned in 1987(click
here to see the full-size, complete version) that they later released a poster, featuring the greatest line-up of DC talent ever seen in one place(Swan! Aparo! Kirby! Orlando! Colan! Kubert! Thorne! Kane! Fradon! Colon! Adams! Staton! Perez! Gibbons! Bolland!), as well as Paul Norris' last official drawing of his co-creation.

This piece, printed nearly life-size, is also on one of the lobby walls in the DC offices, and is quite a sight to behold when first stepping off the elevator.


Scurvy said...

That is an bsolutely beautiful piece, and I can imagine seeing it lifesize must knock you off your feet!

Anonymous said...

That's what I was talking about yesterday.

Seeing it lifesize must be a thrill!!!

I'll admit, when I received the "History of the DCU" hardcover, I didn't know who Paul Norris was. I wondered why Aparo or Cardy or Fradon hadn't drawn Aquaman. Later on, I found out why Mr. Norris did the honors on Arthur. He did a bang up job as well!


chunky B said...

I love these group shots! Man seeing this life size must have been amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is cool -

- in Look, and in Concept!

I remember those years, when with an Anniversary or Special Issue, you'd see a new Supes by Shuster or Wayne Boring.

-Craig W.

Nerites said...

hey hey hey

love ur place!

here's something YOU will definitly love:

Diabolu Frank said...

Y'know, seeing this attractive Paul Norris piece so near to Mart Nodell's Green Lantern, the guy really never gets his due. Being reminded this was Norris' last published Aquaman work, where Nodell's pathetic scribbles continued to be produced for DC right up to his death, makes the former's unappreciated last twenty years all the more tragic.

rob! said...

why do you say unappreciated, Frank?

it seems like he was mostly retired, but did know how much people liked his work--he was the subject of an issue of Alter Ego a few months ago, was a guest of honor at the SDCC in 1999, got the "created by" credit in 2003...?

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, but that's all pretty obscure for fandom in general. Speaking as both a collector of Aquaman and comics history, I couldn't even name Aquaman's creators until a few years ago, and I still tend only to recall the uncredited Mort Weisinger. If I don't really know who Paul Norris is, I don't expect many others do, either. How long was he on Aquaman? In the industry? Any other creations? Influences? I don't have a clue, and I think I ought to by now.