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Monday, November 12, 2007

Aquaman Tattoo - 2007

sgIt would hard to be a bigger fan of Aquaman than to get his image imprinted on your skin, but that's exactly what newest F.O.A.M. member Wil Whalen went ahead and did when he got his long-promised Aquaman tattoo just a few weeks ago!

As you can see, it looks quite spiffy and Aquaman looks suitably regal and imposing. Nice job, Will, and wear it with pride!

Today is Veteran's Day(actually yesterday was, today is the public observance), so I thought since Wil is a Desert Storm vet, today was the perfect day to post this. Thanks Wil!

Discussion Question: What takes more bravery, to be a soldier or to admit you're an Aquaman fan? Show your work.


Diabolu Frank said...

Points for the reference source and lack of water hand. Demerit for the wet suit/bare foot action.

rob! said...

geez, frank, lighten up!

i wouldnt care what Aquaman was used, even the Pirate Aquaman, its all about THE LOVE. anyone willing to permanently brand themselves with Aquaman gets a fins up!

Rick L. Phillips said...

Not a tattoo man myself but this looks great. Have to agree with Frank on the barefeet.

And it is more brave to be a solider.

Scurvy said...

I have an aqua related tattoo as well. It's one of Letifos from the PAD run and Tempest mini. I really liked her and wished they had developed her and her people a wee bit more.

Kidbilly said...

I may get the feet redone this winter. He told me it was an easy thing to do. The artist designed the tattoo from 4 drawings I sent him. The detail is amazing. These pics don't do it justice because he had just finished and my arm was raw and swollen. It took 4 hours and the last hour really hurt, but I loved it. I think I'll get a mermaid on the other side of my arm. This tattoo stretches from just above my palm all the way up my inner left forearm. I have a crucifix cross on my left bicep that he's going to turn into a rusty anchor. Once it's totally healed, I'll post a new pic of it on my blog.

Thanks Rob!

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Funny thing, I got LOTS of comic book-based tattoos, but have yet to get to Aquaman (though I've had a very ambitious design in the works with my tattoo guy for the last couple of years, just a matter of fitting it into my schedule). You can check out my tattoo photo album at www.myspace.com/ojlfow if you want to see the various DC & Marvel pieces I've gotten so far. :)