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Monday, October 01, 2007

Pepsi Promo Poster - 1976

sgThis was one of a set of three promo posters for the 1976 Pepsi "Moon" series of superhero glasses. They must have been extraordinairly popular at the time(I remember having a few of them as a wee lad), since they're all over ebay now and I don't know one person who collects DC character merchandise that doesn't have at least one from this series.

The use classic stock art, bright colors, as well as the individual logos make for a fine product, and when I was told by a friend of this auction(they were also selling Wonder Woman and Shazam! posters as part of the set) I had every intention on bidding. I didn't really care about the other two, but I figured I could turn around and re-sell them, keeping the Sea King for myself.

Problem was, this auction was going on at the exact same time(mid-May) I was planning on buying an outdoor bike. I run five miles a day(most days), but I had wanted to ramp up my exercise routine(oh, how those Slurpees take a toll) and had wanted to buy a bike for a while.

Of course, at the time, I couldn't afford both. For a few days I couldn't decide, and then when I checked back on the auction, the poster set was over three hundred dollars, way more than I ever would've guessed it would reach, and way more than I could really justify in spending.

So I decided to spend the money on the bike. While I didn't find myself using it as much as I thought I would, I'm still glad I got it and I can only hope Aquaman understands!


Plaidstallions said...
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Plaidstallions said...

I don't own any moon series, I have the other set however. It was the Aquaman glass that drew me to the line in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I have all the Moon series now except for Penguin and Green Lantern. I've slowly been putting a set together for the last 20 years or so!

My cousin picked me up Superman and Batman glasses from the second series when they were released way back in 78. My mom put them back for me (she didn't let me drink out of them!), and that was the start of my DC Pepsi glass colleciton. I have all of that series now.

I think Arthur will understand you going for the bike Rob. Being a Super Friend, he understands the importance of regular exercise!!!


Diabolu Frank said...

"I don't know one person who collects DC character merchandise that doesn't have at least one from this series."

*Raises hand*

I do have some similar merch from the WB store though, and drink out of my Wonder Woman glass. Heavy duty.

rob! said...

hmm, maybe i spoke too soon with the "i dont know anybody" talk...