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Sunday, September 30, 2007

PSA Sticker - 1992

sgAnother one of the anti-pollution PSA stickers DC put out starring the Sea King(click here and here to see the other two previous posted).

I've read more than one article about people's reactions to certain stimuli, and how people tend to ignore directions not to do something; instead they react to more positive messages. When told, for instance, that a problem is so massive only your help will save us for total disaster, they tend to disregard it as a hopeless cause. Weird, but it seems to work that way.

So while DC's heart is totally in the right place, all these images and messages are so downbeat that I can't imagine anyone but die-hard AquaCollectors(guilty) wanting them.


Diabolu Frank said...

They were pretty downbeat, though I liked the second one you posted. Not only was it more "up," but the art reduction gave the Hooper piece a slight Art Adams air.

Speaking of, I dug my old loose leaf Who's Who's out of the closet yesterday, and had forgotten Hooper's who drew Aquaman's page in that edition. The Steve Lightle Aqualad was a lot nicer, though. I just wish I had the edition with Black Manta, which I hope was better than Ocean Master's. Aquaman really got robbed there...

David said...

Yep, it reeks of the pornography of despair which is odd, as the DC heroes are very much about the empowerment of the individual and the notion that an individual's actions count.

rob! said...

>>pornography of despair<<

ah, said in three words what it took me three paragraphs to get to. exactly.