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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Licensing Magazine - July 2007

sgMy pal Ed over at All Things Fun found this article in an issue of Licensing magazine, with this big beautiful Aquaman graphic, and gave it to me. Thanks Ed!

Since the article itself doesn't mention the Sea King by name, whoever put this together must have been some sort of an Aquaman fan, since they obviously could've chosen one of the Big Three to accompany the piece.

Aquaman has fans everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I wonder, will this have any effect on the DC Direct action figures? And I can't wait to see how Mattel "will support the DCU characters across all of its key brans including Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Tyco, and Mattel Games." Aquaman Racer, anyone? One last comment: love the inclusion of the small Aquaman figures in your column on the right, Rob! And your Rob Kelly Family (Batman Family) logo at the bottom is awesome, too!

rob! said...

i'd buy an Aquaman Racer, Aquaman Legos, Aquaman Pretty Pony, whatever!

and thanks for noticing all the little extras! ive been trying to spiff the blogs up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool. I get a littel tired of seeing so much more marvel merchandise than DC. Maybe this will help.

I just hope Mattel can get the "lead" out.

Diabolu Frank said...

There've been assurances that we'd see no impact on DC Direct, but I can't say I'd mind overly much if we did. I'd much rather see a Jonah Hex figure than Superman variant # 86735.

That is a gorgeous image that sits well on the page, but the combination of it and the font had me thinking it was from a mid-80's article.