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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Filmation DVD Ad - 2007

sgI first found this nice ad in a recent issue of Wizard, but now I see its been running in this month's DCs, too(and gee, that Aquaman pose looks familiar...)

I'm so glad these Aquaman shows are finally getting released on DVD...to a lot of AquaFans, it was the Filmation show that was their first real introduction to the character, so it'll be nice to have them all together, looking sharp as the day they were animated, if not sharper.

Both sets come out this Tuesday, 10/23, so be sure to pick 'em up!


Siskoid said...

I will!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted these! Does anybody know what the heck this SUPER POWERS TEAM DVD is? I don't think I ever saw this show! I see Aquaman in the group shots, but I also see Cyborg and Firestorm. I thought that Artie was replaced by Vic and Ronnie. Is Aquaman really in these shows? As an Aquafan, is it worth getting?

rob! said...

that DVD is of the Super Powers show which ran around 84/85, with Firestorm and Cyborg getting a lot of the spotlight.

at the time, even tho i had watched SF for, like, a decade, i sorta lost interest in this new version because (at the time) i seemed to think the show centered on the Big Three plus the 2 new guys, to the exclusion of everyone else.

but i plan to Netflix that set to see if i remember wrong!

Anonymous said...

I've had both of these sets pre-ordered for as long as they've been posted at [insert name of big internet retailer].

My poor, poor wife ... usually I wait until she's out on errands - or the very occasional day that I have off from work but she doesn't - to drag out my cartoon DVDs (if it ain't Adult Swim related or Invader Zim, she ain't interested!) But I doubt I'll be able to wait to pop the Aquaman DVDs in!

As for the Super friends, I think I can back you up, Rob. Appart from the opening credits, I don't think Aquaman appeared much at all during this season, although, he might have been in a group shot or two.

OTOH, I believe this was the season that the animators updated the look of SF by employing Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (sp) drawn character sheets. The Alex Toth designs were beautiful but, in my opinion, something horrible happened in the translation from Toth's character sheets to the finished product. The opening credits of the first season are nice, but otherwise, the Super Friends was an ugly show.

Not that I wasn't glued to the set every Saturday it was on ...

Plaidstallions said...

I never liked anything about the Super Powers show, the new characters or their designs. It just didn't jive and never grown on me either.

The Filmation "Ahhh-kwwwaaa-Man" toons are fun, I always picture the Black Manta's eyes as glowing in the comics. This must have been my first exposure to the guy.

chunky B said...

The Aquaman set will be on my Christamas must have list for sure!

Unknown said...

Picked up the Aqua-DVD set today, and after only a few episodes I'm already pleased as punch. I was introduced to the A-Man via Filmation, as I think many of us old-timers were.

A few notes:

It only took three episodes for my wife to ask,"Why is EVERYTHING headed toward Atlantis?"

And the best part is something I never noticed until this viewing - "The Volcanic Monster" from the episode of the same name, comes from a place called "Vulko's Canyon" - great name drop! :-)