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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vs. Card - Atlantean Trident

sgThis is the last(so far) of the Vs. cards I have featuring any members of the AquaFamily, featuring the Sea King in a silly battelsuit of some kind.

The art is uncredited, but...am I crazy, or does this look like it was drawn by classic Mad artist
Paul Coker?

Update: AquaFan Ilke Hincer informs me the art for this card is by Keron Grant. I have no idea who that is, but I like the piece!


Diabolu Frank said...

Looks like the silly gear he "died" in during "Our Worlds At War."

Anonymous said...

I thought that dragon-esque suit of armor was pretty freakin' cool! I haven't read that actual story, but I've seen the part where he goes out to face the probe. That's a good moment, and it really shows how powerful Arthur can be.

That's one of the things I think DC should do, every once in a while have Arthur armor up, grab the trident, and beat the snot out of someone much more powerful than him.

David said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how bloody brilliant and insane this blog is. Thank you for this.

rob! said...

insane? just because i wear a homemade Aquaman costume(the classic uniform--i'm no weirdo) and looking through a watertank to feel more like the Sea King while writing this blog, you say i'm insane?

well, i guess i can accept that. thanks!

btw, i'd LOVE to see a Bill Hicks bio-pic. sometimes you have to lose a finger to save the whole hand!

David said...

Well of course classic!

I think I am the only person with an unpublished Bill Hicks interview still in my shorthand notebook and given all my books have had a Bill dedication or mention of the man, well I have to write it don't I?

Scurvy said...

THis is the other armored version that is going to be relased as a DC Direct figure later this year. I can't wait.