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Saturday, September 01, 2007

OverPower Card - Into The Depths #7 - "Monster!"

sgThe seventh and final part of the OverPower series!

"Killer Croc is three-hundred pounds of strength and rage. Fighting on his home ground, knee-deep in fetid swamp. But justice--dealt swiftly by Aquaman and Batman--will triumph in the end."

(I know they only had one image to show, but this really doesn't look like justice triumphing or anything close to that. Oh well.)

You know, considering what a good match-up they'd be, I'm surprised Aquaman hasn't faced Killer Croc more--or even at all--in the comics. Oh, and since when is Croc twenty-five feet tall? What is this, Ang Lee's Croc?

The Ever-Lovin' End!


Anonymous said...

That Crock looks terrible! Still, it would be an interesting match up, but Aquaman would turn him into a greasy stain on the pavement of Gotham, or an unsightly red cloud underwater. Even though Crock's bigger, Arthur is WAY stronger and about 100 times faster.

rob! said...

sure, it'd take some effort to make it a fair battle, but since there are so few water-based or -related characters, Aquaman vs Croc seems like a natural to me.

and yeah, a lot of the paintings in this series are a little...dodgy, and over airbrushed x1000.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that'd be an interesting feature for the Shrine in the future, Rob: aquatic villains that haven't fought Aquaman. Folks like Orca from Scott McDaniel's run on Batman and Kraken from the early 80's Supergirl series.

Anonymous said...

I know I'd be interested in a series like that for my own project!