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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Misc. Aquaman Round-Up


I happened to have three random Aqua-related things to mention, so I thought I'd get to 'em all with our first "round-up" post.

First is the above, a cool DC Super Friends boxed set that F.O.A.M. member and all-around good egg Charles Howell found on sale in a store by him. As you can see, you could pick up Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Batman
with one fell swoop! Hey, any way that Mattel can make the lesser-known characters more accessible is fine with me.

Next is about the newly-released line Super Friends: Reactivated by DC Direct:
These are beautiful figures, the spitting image(s) of Alex Toth's iconic designs. We've got all the Super Friends...Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman! Flash!


Now, of course I always want Aquaman to be included in every DC-related toy line, but if you're going to do a line of dead-on accurate Super Friends toys that look like the animated versions, complete with the TV show's logo on the packaging, shouldn't Aquaman be there instead of, say, a hero that was never really part of the team?

And finally, as much as I would love Aquaman to have his own TV series or even movie, sometimes I'm confronted with the reality of what that would mean. That would mean a line of tie-in toys a mile long and a mile deep, and some of them would look like this:
These are just some of the hideous Freaks of Nature I found on a blog called
Again with the Comics. There are more there, check 'em out if you have the guts.

So maybe it's good Aquaman stays right where he is.


Anonymous said...

Now come on Rob. You know DCD already did an SF Aquaman. Their Reactivated! line is basically just tweaked re-releases. Flash was conspicously absent (although they made GL!) from the first SF offerings, so it made sense for him to be the fourth. I'm sure Arthur will get some love if they do another wave.

Where'd that pre-school Super Friends 3-pack come from? Me and my son still haven't found Aquaman and GL. That is really sweet!

Those Spidey-sports figures are the biggest abomination ever to hit Super Hero action figures. Toy Biz does some fine work now, but that's almost worse than their self-punching Lex Luthor figure!


chunky B said...

Every year I make it a reward for finishing the company catalog on time and pick up a DC Direct Batman, this year I'm eyeing that whole set of reactivated figures. And you know since the Aquaman mold exists, he has to be in the second wave!

The DC: Super Friends pack was found at Cost Co, they also have a second pack with Sups, Lex, and the Flash! It ran about 16.99 plus tax, USD.

Also, remember seeing those Spider-Man figures back in the day and thinking they finally out did the multi colored Batman variants.

Anonymous said...

I did always wonder why they didn't make a Flash-Captain Cold two-pack when they were doing Super Friends vs Legion of Doom dolls a few years ago. I probably would have bought that one. Now I may buy these individuals to go with my Aquaman-Black Manta set.

Anonymous said...

Figures that 3-pack would be at Costco. There are none around here at all. $16.99 is a good deal, considering the individual ones go for $7.50 and up.


rob! said...

didnt they do Star Wars multi-packs at some point? i always thought that was a cool way to sell figures.

as for SF:Reactivated--yeah, i know, Aquaman got a chance the first time around. but if youre going to do a line called Super Friends, you HAVE to start with Superan, Batman, WW, and Aquaman. Period.

there, i said it. and i'd say it again if i had to.

Tommy! said...

Oh man, I seriously love those Retro 70's style SF action figures....very cool! Of course Batman is my favorite, ha ha. I'll have to keep an eye out for those.

The "Three-Pack" of the new figures is kinda weird, haven't seen those yet. Thanks for the pic.

L8R Dude,

Damian said...

Don't you kind of want an aquaman quarterback figure so that in 25 years you can unearth it and those in the know can ask just what the hell anyone was thinking back then?