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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pewter Figurine by DC Direct -2001

sgWhen I saw these figurines for the first time, they reminded me of the little petwer figures my Great Uncle Fred used to make--he had a workshop in the back of his house, making all kinds of fun items(like a puzzle made from a JLA pin-up he gave to me).

Despite that warm, fuzzy feeling, I still didn't pick the Aquaman one up, since A)he looks like he looks, and B)Twenty-five bucks?

But like a lot of these insta-collectible items, I knew if I waited long enough I'd find one on ebay for a lot less. Well, once I saw this baby on sale for a measly seven bucks, it was time to Buy It Now(the title of my upcoming autobiography).


Eric said...

We should call you Rob Buy-It-Now.

And we should shorten that to Rob BIN.

And we should shorten that to Robin.

And you should hang out with Batman.

rob! said...

>>And you should hang out with Batman.<<

i already do, in my mind at least. and we drive around in that cool 40s-era Batmobile, the one with the big Bat-head on the front.

good times, good times.

chunky B said...

Cool find Rob! I'm usually not a fan of the pewter (or lead) figurines, but this one is really cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least he has his robot hand, and not the hook.

I was watching me some JLU last night. One with Aquaman. Hook-handed Aquaman is SO 90s, it ain't funny. Timm and crew handled him better than most (and even handled the loss of his hand much, MUCH better) but in hindsight, that was a bad move all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I feel like the character was overly angry, but the actual story was just freakin' awesome. Aquaman came off as such a B.A., cutting off his OWN hand to SAVE the life of his son? That should be part of mainline continuity. It's one of the most awesome character moments he's ever had.

I can't say I care for the hook thing, but if it follows THAT moment, then it's worth it.

Eric said...

Seems like having a hook for a hand would hurt your swimming ability too. But I guess Aquaman can super-swim anyway?