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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Magnet by Ata-Boy

sgThis was a fun little item sent to me unexpectedly by F.O.A.M.er Chris Franklin. He and his family were on vacation, and when he saw this magnet(approx. 3 1/2" x 2 1/2") he thought of me and the Shrine and picked it up. What a pal!

There's no date on this piece, but it does say "TM DC Comics", and when you go to their website it does seem like they have the actual rights from DC, but their products are just odd enough that it makes you wonder.

And like on Tuesday, this is a piece of beautiful Garcia-Lopez stock art saddled with a really goofy logo.


Anonymous said...

The magnet shop I picked this up from had lots of other DC magnets, most featuring 80s Garcia-Lopez style guide art. I picked me up a nice Robin one. Can't get enough of the Teen Wonder era "college" Robin!

That logo is pretty goofy, isn't it? The Robin magnet had his classic bat-silohuette logo intact.


Eric said...

I just got this art on a Six Flags shirt. I think I saw the magnet there too (do they make the awesome Green Arrow magnet as well?)....

Also, in Atlanta, I did the touristy thing and went to the CNN Building. They have a display case with mostly Aquaman busts and maquettes and other assorted stuff (I think there was maybe one additional Superman). The thing that's most interesting is that Headline News is filmed directly above, which means that when you watch Robin & Co., there's an Aquaman Shrine of sorts a floor beneath her....