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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Adventures With The DC Superheroes Geppi's Giveaway - 2007

sgAnother item sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Chuck "D.C." Dill, this was a giveaway comic distributed on Free Comic Book Day by Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore(man, I gotta go check that out sometime).

According to Chuck, "The inside story is just the Batman/Cap Ripken team-up against The Penguin that's been showing up as an insert into DC's Cartoon Network titles. As you can see, our boy is waiting patiently in line."

See? Even a monarch waits his turn. That's my hero!


Doug Slack said...

Did I ever tell you I went there last Fall? I happened to be in Baltimore on business right after the grand opening. I could have spent all day there. Just seeing the original art alone is worth it. The comic collection was very thorough. A lot of pre-code titles I never even heard of. Lurid EC rip-offs and underground romance comics targeted specifically to black readers. There was also a toy exhibit that had stuff dating back to the 1850's. Strange, strange dolls indeed.
You and Tracey should make a weekend of it. She would probably love the Baltimore waterfront.

chunky B said...

Looks to me like the scene is playing out as follows:

BM: "Come on Aquaman, Flash has us a spot saved at the front of the line!"
AM: "No Batman, that wouldn't be fair to all these fine citizens who have been waiting for hours to get in."
BM: "Ah Come on, it's a super hero privilege!"
AM: " No, no it is a Super Hero privilege, that these people would wait to see our history."
BM: " Fine have it your way, see ya inside"

And I say, good for you Aquaman, way to Toe the Line!