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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Justice League Legos


More Legos!

Courtesy F.O.A.M. member Chuck "D.C." Dill, comes this sweeet collection of the classic JLA done all in Legos. As Chuck explains:"About eight years ago I sat down and custom made this set of Lego JLA characters. I'm afraid to touch them at this point, as I'm certain Batman's ears will fall off and Green Arrow's goatee will go."

...not only are they just really cool looking, but I love that Hawkgirl is included(kick-ass shield, too), and that the founding members are in front. Nice touch, Chuck!


Anonymous said...

Kewl! But....er...where's the Atom? Overlooked again? Or is somebody standing on him? :-)

Anonymous said...

Right behind Wonder Woman and just in front of Hawkgirl, you can see on the floor piece that I painted one of the tinier Lego pieces for the Atom. It's a 'one' piece, meaning it's one Lego piece high and takes exactly one square. My buddy was annoyed and thought it was cheesy, but I thought it was the only way to go.

I actually have all my displays with the founders out front. It's something in my brain that forces me to put Superman in the middle always flanked by Batman and Wonder Woman and then the rest of the founders from there. I've been actively trying to break that habit. But I noticed that the Mini-Mates move at night!

D.C. Dill

rob! said...

oh, chuck, that is sooooo cool! you earn honorary JLA membership for that!

Michael Jones said...

I love your Enlongated Man!