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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aquaman Family Legos


One of the first things I ever saw on the internet--back in the Paleozoic Era known as the mid-90s--was this really cute collection of Legos turned into members of the AquaFamily.

I didn't quite grasp the concept of the internet at the time, so I would print out stuff I liked(weird, I know). So I printed out the graphic and kept it all these years. From left to right: Ocean Master, Dolphin, Pirate Aquaman, Mera, Aquaman, Camoflage Aquaman, Tempest, Aqualad, Aquagirl, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Deep Blue, and The Fisherman.

These are by talented(and very patient) artist David Oakes, obviously a big Aquaman fan!


Tegan said...

Those are from my website, and were done by the very talented David Oakes.

rob! said...

wow, thanks Laura! i have duly corrected the post so David gets credit.

i picture myself sitting in front of a computer in 1996 or so, thinking of what to look for, and going "um, Aquaman!"

Anonymous said...


I think i recall those...

And I KNOW I recall printing stuff out!!!

(Hey - when The Big Cyber-Crash comes, you won't regret it...)

Great weekend, all-
-Craig W.

Scurvy said...

I remember seeing those eons ago when I was still in college and Tegans site was the only 'real' search result for Aquaman. Had to be around 95, or 96. I love this collection!