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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"First Appearance" Action Figure by DC Direct - 2007

sgThe first piece of Official Merchandise featuring the new Aquaman(ooh, still hurts), this, I have to admit, is a nice-looking figure. Coming from the fine folks at DC Direct, that's no surprise.

While I don't believe for one second that the original Aquaman is gone forever, it is a tad troubling to me that it seems like DC has every intention on keeping this guy as the new Aquaman for a while, even if his book is cancelled.

Don't get me wrong--as I've stated in my reviews of the last few issues of SOA, I've enjoyed this new take and the work that Busiek and Guice, and now Williams and McManus, have done/are doing. It's just that if you're completely overhaul a character whose been around for over six decades, you better have a damn good reason, and I don't think that hurdle has been met(if I may mix my metaphors) with the classic Aquaman.

Hmmm...kinda got off topic there for a moment...hey, nice sword accessory!


Scurvy said...

This figure made me apreciate the new suit. This is a well sculpted piece and I am glad to have it in my collection... small as it is.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I know how you feel about the change in Aquaman. I felt the same years ago when they killed Barry Allen and canceled his book. I remember mentioning how up set I was to my parents, who really didn't care for comic books, that a character I liked had been around for years and now they killed him off. My Dad mentioned that people just don't seem to care if you have been around for years and doing a good job. They want new and improved. Those weren't his exact words but that is what he meant. At least they replaced him with Wally West and not a new character who was a shapeshifter who could change shapes in a "flash" like I heard they originally planned.
I hope they bring Arther back and he brings Barry with him.

Anonymous said...

I had this figure standing amongst my other Aquaman figures on my Aquaman merchandise bookcase. Every morning I would walk into the comic sanctuary and find him face down on the floor. It made no sense. He was pegged into his stand, the stand seemed stable. No wobble at all. And every morning, there he was on the floor.

Finally I realized that the other figures were coming to life at night and pushing him off the shelf. It's the only answer!

Anyway, a nice doll stand solved that little bully problem.

D.C. Dill

Luke said...

I need more Aquaman toys... I only have one! Admittedly, it is a pretty darn cool one, the original Super Powers Collection Aquaman!

This one is nice too, though, I must admit. Nice work, rob!