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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DC Heroes RPG Justice League Sourcebook

sgCourtesy F.O.A.M. member Siskoid came a whole bunch of Aquaman-related DC Heroes RPG material, this piece, drawn by Kevin Maguire, being the coolest and most fun to look at.

I like how Maguire throws in little bits of characterization, even on a cover where everyone is just standing around. Captain Atom is annoyed with all the tomfoolery, Mr.Miracle and Barda are snuggling, and the Phantom Stranger is hiding(it's nice he even showed up for the photo shoot).

Aquaman is fairly nondescript, but I do like that Ray Palmer is sitting on his shoulder, like he did in many, many issues of JLA.

Considering how many times this cover idea has been "homaged"(first done by Maguire himself on Justice League #1) shouldn't he get like a royalty or something?


Eric said...

This is the Last Supper of comic book covers. Leastwise, the original was.

This just in: Aquaman joins the Outsiders, Captain Boomerang Jr. out. News at 11.


Scurvy said...

Just when I thought I had seen all variations of this cover...

How on earth did I miss this one?!?

You never know where it's going to turn up tho.


Anonymous said...

I bought this book when it came out. It's really reflective of the tumultuous continuity DC was having post-Crisis. Hawkman and Hawkgirl/woman are on the cover, and Hawkman even has a quote on the back, but they have no entries inside. Why? About the time this was to go to press, DC released Hawkworld, and Hawkman's continuity became so convoluted it made the theory of relativity seem easy. The producers of this book had no idea how he fit into JL history. A few years later they came up with the "JSA Hawkman as liason" bit.

Great cover though. No one draws faces like Maguire.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does 'ol Arthur seem a little sad? Of course...considering the way DC treats him, he probably should be.

rob! said...

he does look a tad forlorn. i think he's thinking "ah, it was so much simpler when it was just me, clark, bruce, hal, barry, diana, john, and snapper."

Rick L. Phillips said...

When was the Creeper a member of the JLA? I remember him helping but I don't remember him becoming a member.

rob! said...

they are stretching it a bit with Creeper. i see Gnort at the bottom, too, and i dont think he ever joined...but i had given up on JL/JLI/JLU/JLA eventually so maybe i'm wrong!

Siskoid said...

The book had stats for unofficial members, such as the Creeper, Phantom Stranger, and at the time, Big Barda.

Reminds me that I have to pick up my DCH game again... I really want to adapt the Aquaman/Suicide Squad adventure for my group.

Plaidstallions said...

Animal man has the most neutral facial expression ever.