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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Water Polo Pin - 1996

sgI picked up this fun item at the San Diego ComiCon. I simply love the idea of tying superheroes into promoting sports, this time via the United States Water Polo team. I think it helps get these characters more into the mainstream and in front of a new audience.

I remember seeing a Green Arrow/Archery one, and I assume there had to have been a Flash/Track one, as well. Howabout Batman/Biathalon, or Zatanna/Spellcasting?

My only question is how many game balls does the team go through, letting the Pirate Aquaman play?


Siskoid said...

Can you spike the ball in water polo?

Rick L. Phillips said...

When did spellcasting become a sport?

Anonymous said...

I have one similar to this except it's Diving. It's the coolest Grunge Aquaman thing I have.

Anonymous said...

I've got Wonder Woman for skiing and, I believe, either track or soccer (can't recall and they're out on loan now being photo'ed for a WW book by Andy Mangels).


rob! said...

>>WW book by Andy Mangels<<

i am SO getting that book!

my dream of dreams would be to put together a similar book for Aquaman. hey, chronicle books--I AM AVAILABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, you have to go through DC to get to Chronicle for something like that. Still, if you've got a proposal, I can hook you up to the right people at DC...!