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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sketch Week II, Part 7: Terry Austin - 2006


After barely breaking stride getting a sketch from Irwin Hasen, I spotted Terry Austin(!) sitting at his table, not currently engaged with anyone.

I headed right over to him, introduced myself, and asked for a sketch, which Terry graciously agreed to. He opened the book up right there and put together this happy piece--I think it says something that most of these sketches feature Aquaman doing something he rarely does in the comics: smiling.

I love Aquaman's hair flowing underwater. That's way cool. Terry was done before I knew it; I thanked him and walked away with a sketch by the Terry Austin! Wow!

This concludes the Shrine's second Sketch Week; I hope these were as fun to look at and read about as they were for me to get them. So far, I've got almost enough sketches in the book to do one more week, but hopefully after tomorrow's trip to the Philly Con, that'll change...

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