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Saturday, June 23, 2007

JLU Maquette - 2004

sgI generally stay away from a lot of this created-to-be-a-collectible stuff, since I know that if I wait long enough I'll be able to get it for a lot less.

And that worked out for this item, a nice, about 10" maquette of the JLU version of Aquaman. I found this on ebay for like twenty bucks, which I thought was a really good deal, since it had first retailed for around eighty, and I ain't payin' eighty bucks for any piece of Pirate Aquaman merchandise.

I guess if Aquaman has to be in his BLL guise, this is about as cool-looking as he's gonna get. Bonus: If someone breaks into your house, this can be used as a blunt instrument!

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