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Monday, June 04, 2007

Craig Hamilton Week, Post Script: AquaPetition

sgOk, one last thing--as Craig mentioned in Thursday's interview, the 1986 Aquaman mini-series has yet to be collected in a trade paperback, which is a Crime Against Humanity on scale with the Stalinist Purges(I am only slightly exaggerating here).

So Craig suggested sending a letter to DC, asking--nay, demanding--that they rectify this four-color tragedy. So that's what I'm doing.

If you click here, you can download a form letter I have written out to DC Head Honcho Dan Didio, requesting the Aquaman TPB and giving the reasons why. If you would like to help out with this(and I know you would--why else would you be reading this?), simply print the letter out, sign it, and mail it in(too bad the stamps went up--you could've used an Aquaman stamp on the envelope!). There's also room on the top right to fill in your own name and address.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, you can click
here and do the same for Anton Kawasaki, the collected editions editor at DC. That way he and Didio can see each other at lunch, and say to themselves, clutching their mail, "Gee, there's a lot of weirdo Aquaman fans out there."

The 1986 Aquaman mini-series absolutely deserves to be collected. Not to get maudlin here, but let's show our support for Craig and his artistry, and for the late Neal Pozner, who spun one of the best Aquaman tales ever told.

Send to:
Dan Didio, Executive Editor, DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York NY 10019
Anton Kawasaki, Collected Editions Editor, DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York NY 10019


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I loved reading through all of the postings related to Craig Hamilton Week! I want an extension!

After meeting Craig at the most recent NY Comicon, I tracked down all four issues of this mini-series through at least two retail outlets. Although I don't feel as strongly about Neal Pozner's story- I feel that the writing is a bit pedestrian and cliched- I do feel strongly that this series should be compiled. Phil Jimenez, who was Neal's boyfriend a few years prior to his death, has gone on record as saying he would like to see this Aquaman mini in a TPB piggybacked with his own Aqualad mini-series. Maybe you could suggest that DC do so within the proposed letter writing campaign?

I also would like to see some of the other sketches from your book.

Wish you the best in your letter writing campaign. Bye for now.


Patrick Herman

rob! said...

>> I also would like to see some of the other sketches from your book.<<

go to my January posts and there was a week's worth of 'em...and they'll be more!

i didnt know that about Phil Jimenez. maybe someone can point him towards this blog and he can send one in, too? :)

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Done and DONE, Rob! :)