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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Craig Hamilton Week, Part 7: JLA Pin-Up - 1997

sgOur final installment proper of Craig Hamilton Week ends with his fun pin-up of the formative moments of the JLA in 1997's JLA Gallery pin-up book.

I think my favorite part of this piece is the white background--there's so much going on, what with five heroes fighting a giant starfish(funny how, to comic fans, this image is not at all strange), that the non-background helps the eye focus on the center of the piece, with Starro's tentacles pointing the same way.

I hope everyone enjoyed
Craig Hamilton Week--I know I have, getting the chance to highlight Craig's excellent work, which has contributed so much to the history of Aquaman. He's an extraordinairily nice and generous guy, to boot.

And we
do have one last thing for tomorrow...
Remember: you can go to Craig's
Comic Art Fans page and order a gorgeous commission piece, or go here and look up all the original comic pages Craig has for sale--some of them even from Aquaman!


Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat surprised that there was no mention of the Craig Hamilton Aquaman poster done of the 'Fabio Aquaman' in the nineties. It's a nice poster, and to my knowledge the only retail poster put out by DC Direct.

rob! said...

i had seen the poster, once, a few years back, but didnt know Craig had done it.

when he told me that he did, i went on a search for it, but no luck. too bad--it wouldve been a great addition to CH Week!

Anonymous said...

I agree. That poster is one of the more impressive posters that I've seen of DC characters. It's beautifully done. It's on my wall right now, looking at me. It's a bit 'beefcake Playgirl centrefold' but why not? It might have brought a few new readers along!