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Sunday, May 13, 2007

PSA Sticker - 1992

sgAnother one of the four environmental PSA stickers DC released in 1992(click here to see the one I previously posted), courtesy F.O.A.M. member Chris Franklin (who is known in the comments section here as "Earth-2 Chris", which means he fought in WWII).

While the message is laudible, my main regret with these is that they're so negative. The message and accompanying visual are so downbeat that I'm not sure how this would inspire anyone to want to contribute to the effort--looking at these and I just get depressed.

Instead, howabout a shot of Aquaman swimming with some whales, with an, er, suddenly malfunctioning whaling ship in the background?


Anonymous said...

sounds to me like you've figured out what your next personal Aquaman art piece will be, Robbo!

Rick L. Phillips said...

It is a bit depressing. Have you seen the Aquaman print that DC direct plans to release in November? You can go to http://www.dccomics.com/dcdirect/?dcd=7552&lst=new&cat=POSTERS+%26%2338%3B+PRINTS to see it.