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Saturday, May 12, 2007

British Wheelie Toy - 2000

sgAs the title indicates, this is a British wheelie toy, featuring the mid-90s version of Aquaman. I don't know for a fact it's a UK-only piece, but the seller I got it from seemed to think it was. I've never seen another one on ebay so unless I hear different...

This is the closest we'll get to an Aquaman Weeble-Wobble, since this thing is built to never fall over. And after extensive silly testing, I can confirm that it does indeed stay balanced no matter how fast you roll it. Modern technology is wonderful, eh?


Anonymous said...

I want to see video of this thing rolling across the table. Pot it to YouTube as soon as possible!

Scurvy said...

That has to be the ugliest Aquaman I have ever seen. What the hell is that hairdo?!? He looks like Aunt Fritzi from "Nancy" with a beard.