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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kingdom Come Action Figure - 2007

sgI hoped that when Kingdom Come action figures started appearing that they'd go on long enough to finally get around to Aquaman, even though he only appeared in two pages out of the entire story.

It says something about Waid and Ross' storytelling chops that the fact that Aquman does not play any part in arguably the greatest DC epic ever published didn't bother me at the time, and still doesn't now. I felt they handled Aquaman so well, he was so perfectly in character, that what he did--rejecting the Surface World's request to build a meta-human prison underwater--made total sense, even though it kept him out of the rest of the story.

I mean--"You have hundreds of champions to defend a few land masses. I protect the other seventy percent of the world, and there is only one of me"--wow. Nothing underscores the heroic nobility of the King of the Seven Seas better than that line. Thanks, guys.

As for the figure itself, it's of course gorgeous--Ross designs combined with DC Direct production is a magical combination. This is a beautiful figure, more of a mini-statue really, as are the rest of the Kingdom Come line. When Trace and I eventually get a bigger house and I get to display the entire Shrine, this is the figure that'll be in charge of all the other toys.

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Scurvy said...

I agree. This figure (which I anxiously have been awaiting for the last decade) is by far the pinacle of my collection. Well worth the wait. I am contemplating buying a second one to open. My only complatint is I wish it came with the throne.