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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bootleg Super Powers Figure - 1980s?

sgThis toy makes me sad.

I was told when I bought it that it was a bootleg Super Powers figure from Mexico, but there's nothing here to indicate where it's from--other than the Land of Broken Dreams--so I'm not prepared to say officially where it hails from.

It's funny that the art they use for the card is, in a lot of ways, better than the stock art they used on the official SP figures, since this picture features all the JLAers in a great group shot. So I guess the coolness of the tag art is in direct opposition to how bad the toy itself is. The paint is chipping off still in the bag, the proportions are weird, Arthur's left arm looks like it would fall off as soon as you played with it, and his trident looks like a stick you'd find out in the backyard.

You could take this figure, along with this one, and have a really depressing afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I think Kingdom Come Aquaman would smite poor Bootleg Aquaman out of pure pity.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it makes me feel happy. I know that one day you will run out of Aquaman merchandise, and your site will go away (or change). By mixing in a crappy, oddball, or bootleg item, like this, it puts off that inevitablity one more day.

rob! said...


a few thoughts:

a)thanks for the compliment. really.

b)even if/when the merch runs out, there'll always be Aquaman comics to talk about, so i dont forsee the site ever really going away

c)the finite amount of merch has made include stuff like interviews with creators, sketches, stuff like that. getting to meet these people that way has been SO rewarding so i'm glad i started going down that road


d)if i had to wish upon a star and say what i hope the blog might accomplish, is that it starts a groundswell of interest in the character and he gets another series, a cartoon, or movie, SOMETHING--and then they start making MORE NEW merchandise!

i can dream, can't i?

Siskoid said...

Man, I never get enough of sad sad rubber Aquaman. It's an instant LOL.

Bonus Aquaman content just for you.

Plaidstallions said...

Mexican collectors used to throw these in packages to me so I had a surplus.

I put some in my local comic store but the owner eventually made me take them hom, his reason was he didn't like how ugly they were.