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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Aquaman Cover to Cover, Part 4: Aquaman Vol.2 #1 by Craig Hamilton - 1986

sgAs I was preparing this list, I was debating whether to include the covers to books I've already posted here on the Shrine. Then I remembered back when I would buy those The Greatest [Fill in name of hero] Stories Ever Told books DC put out in the early 90s, and they would always leave out major, classic story arcs because they were "too long to include in this book" or some such excuse. "Well then", I would think, "it's not really the Greatest Stories, is it?" So here we are.

My admiration for the Pozner/Hamilton Aquaman 1986 mini-series is well known and I won't bore you getting into it all over again. All I will say is Hamilton brought a new artistic sophistication to the look of Aquaman and his world, even without the spiffy new costume.

This cover is the best representation of that, and DC was right on the money using it a promo poster. Great design, high drama, and the use of a slightly-faded background mosaic makes the main figure *pop*, like any good--no, great--cover should.

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