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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aquaman Cover to Cover, Part 3: Adventure Comics #475 by Brian Bolland - 1980

sgAn early indication of the artistic brilliance of Brian Bolland, this was one of the very first of a long list of gorgeous covers he would do for DC Comics.

I remember seeing this on the newsstand, and it jumped out at me. Now, sure, any comic with Aquaman on it was going to do that, but this one really struck me--such a wonderfully dynamic, poster-like image, the heavy black offsetting the bright colors. Aquaman has rarely looked more heroic or exciting. Sadly, this is the only cover Bolland would do for Adventure.

I do find it funny that Plastic Man and Starman look happy Aquaman has come to Adventure Comics, even though they were about to lose their cover-star status to him.


Siskoid said...

That's what being the good guys is all about: Selflessness.

Dixon said...

This is a lovely cover. I especially like the fact that Aquaman's leap through the Adventure Comics cover is accompanied by a sudden rush of sea water spilling through the hole he's created. Plastic Man and Starman won't be smiling once the water level rises and they realize they're about to be drowned on the cover of their own comic book!

You've also got me thinking. Brian Bolland is a brilliant artist, and we were lucky to have him regularly creating covers for The Flash for several years. How many covers has Bolland created for the king of the seven seas? Aquaman (v.4) #39 is the only additional cover that comes to my mind.

Anonymous said...

Great cover. Bolland is one of my personal favorites. He's like a flashier Curt Swan in many ways. But look at how he assimilates Ditko's style for his Starman here: That posture is pure Ditko. Awesome stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

OOh, this IS a great cover. I remember seeing it and thinking basically the same thing as you....and then, I opened the book and found BEAUTIFUL Dick Giordano pencils. I was in heaven. Unfortunatly, Giordano was soon replaced on this series by Don Heck, who, suffice it to say, is not Dick Giordano. :-(

Louie Joyce said...

"How many covers has Bolland created for the king of the seven seas? Aquaman (v.4) #39 is the only additional cover that comes to my mind."

Though not an Aquaman cover, i've always loved the cover to Gotham Knights #18 (even though Aquaman's in that terrible top).