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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Slideshow Strip - 1968


I had no idea what this thing was when I saw it on ebay. All I knew was, it was Aquaman, it was old, and it was only 99 cents.

I've yet to uncover any further info on this thing, all I can assume is that it was a sort of proto-Viewmaster, where you moved a series of transparent slides through a viewer and it told a story.

And what a story! Giant psychadelic octopus attacks sub, Aquaman comes to the rescue, Aquaman sees the octopus' very disturbing mouth orifice, Aquaman (with help of clam) defeats octopus. Done and done.

For the brave ones among you, check it out a lot bigger.


Anonymous said...

(...daggone young whippersnappers...)

Here ya go:

It was a lot of 60's fun, and the precursor to Kenner's - and then, other makers' - cartridge movie projectors.

(Even a SOUND-ON-FILM one, which failed miserably!)


Rick L. Phillips said...

I remember the give-a-show projectors. You would slide the cels through the side of a huge projector and view the story as it flashed on the wall, or a movie screen if your family had one and would take the time to haul it out for the kids. They had cartoons from TV and comic books on them for kids to view.