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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pepsi Placemat - 1978


I thought why not follow up one placemat with another?

This was, I believe, part of a whole line of DC Comics placemats given out at Pizza Hut that feature a pin-up on the back (front?) and an origin story on the front (back?).

The pin-up is by Dick Giorando (too lazy to scan it in, so just trust me), and this origin sequence looks to be by Kurt Schaffenberger, who of course had a nice, clean, solid style, perfect for mass merchandising. In particular, there's something about this panel that really grabs me:

...it's so solidly layed out, so wonderfully composed. The colors are also quite nice. Methinks I didn't appreciate the late Mr. Schaffenberger's work enough when he was around.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that the whole story told in that one panel would take about three issues these days.

Anonymous said...

That panel in question looks to be redrawn from the classic Aquaman origin story by Ramona Fradon.

Schaffenberger's work was definitely underappreciated. Very few artists drew with the clarity of line and consistency he did.


Anonymous said...


Schaff was one of the best!

From vintage Cap. Marvel, through moonlighting on ACG horror/sci-fi as "Lou Wahl," to doing such a cute Lois Lane, that Dc had him do her head over other artists' work!

Great stuff, as usual, Rob!


Anonymous said...

I for one would like to see the other side of the placemat, though....! Haha!

rob! said...

its in storage somewhere. maybe the next time i'm there i'll dig it out and scan it in...

my work never ends! :)

Elle Dupont said...

I keep telling my kids about these fun placemats that I fondly remember. We had a set. I remember Aquaman the best because he was my favorite. But I also remember Shazam, and I know we had a couple more, I just don't remember which ones. Do you know where I could pick these up for my kids??? I haven't been able to find them anywhere.