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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mego Week, Part 6: Comic Action Heroes - 1976

sgAnother nice piece from Brian's collection, a MOC Aquaman from Mego's 1976 Comic Action Heroes line.

As you can see, Mego's package design for this line was minimalist, to say the least. The logo is really fun, but couldn't they have put something else on the card?

I previously posted my loose figure, but I still have yet to find a MOC card one for myself. Heck, I don't even have the big hunk of cheddar each CAH figure came with. I guess I could make one myself, but then I'd have to keep replacing it when the cheese goes bad...


Brian also sent along this photo of Arthur pulling down Monitor Duty at Superman's Fortress of Solitude playset (can't one of the Superman robots handle that?).

As you can see, the Fortress' monitors can keep back of other heroes asking for help (from multiple angles!), send messages, or even channel old Adventure Comics covers.


Rick L. Phillips said...

The Superman fortress looks like it would be fun. I never had one but it reminds me of the Captain Action Headquaters that I use to have.

Plaidstallions said...

Man, I need to dust!

Actually later Comic Action Hero cards have nice little hero windows on each side of the bubble using the same mego artwork. It's a big improvement.

Anonymous said...

Man, that looks much neater than the consoles at the Super Powers Hall of Justice that Kenner produced later on. Great choice of artwork, too!

BronzeTiger said...

The problem I have with this picture is twofold. One Batman asking for help, doesn't happen. Two if Arthur is on monitor duty, who is that on the screen behind him? Black Manta in disquise? LOL!

Any suggestions?