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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mego Week, Part 7: Aquaman and the Great White Shark - 1977

sgAs if Brian wasn't making me jealous enough with his awesome Mego Aquaman collection, here's his gen-u-ine Aquaman and shark from the 1977 Aquaman Vs. The Great White Shark playset.

This is one of the hardest Aquaman pieces to find (though not impossible, as we'll see next week*). I myself have never even seen one in person. If I ever did, I guarantee I'd buy it, price notwithstanding.

Aquaman gets ragged on a lot, but it's instructive to see that, of all the characters Mego was making dolls of, Aquaman was one of the very few that got his own separate playset. Heck, Shazam! didn't, and he had his own TV show!

Obviously, Mego saw a way to capitalize on the massive success of the Jaws movie, and were able to hobble together a whole new product once they got ahold of some toy plastic sharks. It says something about shark's PR at that point that it's called Aquman Vs. The Great White Shark, when of course the sharks are Aquaman's friends. Another reason to be afraid of Aquaman if you're a bad guy.

And so we end Mego Week, made possible by the generous contributions of F.O.A.M. guy Brian Heiler. Thanks Brian! Maybe someday I'll have all these for myself (right after I buy my solid gold house and my rocket-powered car). If you wanna see more on this cool toy, check out the MegoMuseum page devoted to it

*mysterious laugh

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