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Friday, March 09, 2007

Pocket Heroes Aqualad/Kid Flash - DC Direct

sgWe conclude our senses-shattering "Aqualad Week" with DC Direct's adorable line of mini-figures called Pocket Heroes.

They would pair up two characters that fit together (I haven't even gotten around to posting the cool Aquaman/Black Manta set yet), and while I'm sure Garth would've preferred to be sealed in plastic with Wonder Girl, she must have been busy.* Wally "Kid Flash" West was a fine second choice.

As usual, the package design and execution are flawless. Another sharp, fun product from DC Direct. We thank them for helping end "Aqualad Week" in style!

*being packaged with that junkie Speedy.


Plaidstallions said...

Man, when these first came out, I went nuts and bought them all. A week laster I seemed to snap out of it.

I blame the packaging

Dixon said...

Together, Wally and Garth are the ultimate superhero team! Nobody, er.... makes water run faster than they can!

Anonymous said...

These figures are a lot of fun and look great displayed in groups. But I'm kind of like Brian, the appeal wore out quicker than I thought. I think I got just about all of them except the Legion though. I'm such a DCD mark.

And you thought you couldn't get a whole week out of Aqualad...


rob! said...

>>But I'm kind of like Brian, the appeal wore out quicker than I thought.<<

i understand that feeling. when i first saw all the stuff DCD was putting out--Phantom Stranger, Adam Strange, Metamorpho action figures?!?--i told myself i was going to buy all of it.

then i saw a friend who did, and how the stuff just piled up because there was so much of it so fast, that it lost a lot of the appeal for me.

sometimes its better NOT to get everything you could ever want...part of Mego's enduring appeal, i think...

Scurvy said...

Me, I only bought the Aquaman/ Black Manta set.
If I had seen all of them though I would have bought the whole JLA and meting table.